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Channel Divinity: ErathisD&D Insider Article
Forging the Kingdoms Anew
By Elliott Hoffman

Erathis is worshiped in small ways all across the world. People commonly utter a brief prayer to the goddess when they enter a new city for the first time, and her temples frequently double as courthouses and meeting halls. The champions of Erathis have been many—leaders, generals, and battle-scarred kings, each a bastion of civilized might. Under her banner, armies have devastated their enemies in stunning displays of orderly, efficient warfare. This article should help a player who wants to explore his or her character’s devotion more fully. It contains new backgrounds, feats, and a paragon path that can set a character apart from others who revere Erathis, as well as general information about the goddess.

To be a gatekeeper of the golden palace, as you are, one does not need a specific power source or skill set. One needs only to value the lives of their allies as strongly as their own, and to know that it is more important for an arrow to strike its target than it is to be the one who fires the arrow. With your allies at your side and Erathis in your heart, you intend to litter the battlefield with fallen enemies—even if you never lift a sword.

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    About the Author

    Elliott Hoffman is thrilled to be adding to the D&D canon for the first time. He lives in Coralville, Iowa, where he drinks too much coffee and doesn’t roll enough dice. He thanks Q and Van for all the brainstorming that eventually led to this article.