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The Beached LeviathanD&D Insider Article
Tavern Profile
By Craig Campbell

The Beached Leviathan is a three-level inn located on the docks of Neverwinter, as noted on page 154 of the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. The great vessel’s domination of the sea ended when a great storm swept Leviathan onto the shores of Neverwinter, permanently beaching it in the wreckage of the city’s docks. The captain took this as an omen and ended his pirating days, releasing his crew from service and retiring to a more genteel lifestyle in his new home. For his first task, he chose to convert the wreck of his ship into a place of business.

In the past, those sailing the Sword Coast feared the pirate vessel called Leviathan. Her captain, Harrag, led a crew of unscrupulous pirates who plundered ship after ship. As far as Captain Harrag was concerned, no ship was too formidable a target and no treasure was too small.

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