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Tiers of PlayD&D Insider Article
by James Wyatt

I've been talking a lot about Dungeon Master's Guide 2 this week, including two interviews you might have seen or heard around the web at Newbie DM and The Tome. Since it's fresh in my mind, this seems like a good time to run through the book and apply what's inside to my Greenbrier game. After that, I'll take a page from the DMG2 and look at how I expect my campaign to change once the characters reach paragon level (even though they're only level 3 right now!).

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    About the Author

    James Wyatt is the D&D Design Manager for Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying R&D. He was one of the lead designers for 4th Edition D&D and the primary author of the 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide. He was one of the designers of the Eberron Campaign Setting and is the author of several Eberron novels.