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Leader of the PackD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 4-6
by Julian Sieber

T hree years ago, a young idealist named Ulmar Lightborn left the town of Silvergrail with several human and dwarf companions in search of adventure. His younger brother, Zelgar, stayed behind to serve as Silvergrail’s cleric. While the would-be heroes were chasing their first big quest, they were hunted by a cunning werewolf. The werewolf grievously wounded Ulmar and killed all his companions before dying on Ulmar’s sword. Infected with lycanthropy, Ulmar spread the curse to others and soon became the leader of his own pack.

Despite his affliction, Ulmar still cares deeply for his brother, and now he has decided to return to Silvergrail and begin a plan to bring Zelgar into the fold. If the cleric can be turned to lycanthropy, then the rest of the townspeople will be easily dealt with as well.

“Leader of the Pack” is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of levels 4–6. When Ulmar Lightborn threatens the town of Silvergrail, the characters are called upon to escort Zelgar to a nearby farmhouse to confront his werewolf brother. There, one way or another, Zelgar intends to put an end to Ulmar’s evil curse.

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