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Acquisitions Incorporated
PAX Prime 2013

Meet the new Acquisitions Inc. Intern, best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss, as he joins Gabe, Tycho and Scott Kurtz to take on the Sundering in this year's Dungeons & Dragons PAX Prime live game. Experience the thrilling conclusion to the most recent podcast adventure!

When: Saturday, August 31st from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Location: Main Theater

The Group

  • Jerry Holkins (Tycho from Penny Arcade): Omin Dran, CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated.
  • Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade): Jim Darkmagic of the New Hampshire Darkmagics.
  • Scott Kurtz (from PvP): Binwin Bronzebottom.
  • Patrick Rothfuss (fantasy author): Viari.

Animated Intro: Ark of the Mad Mage

Acquisition Inc. Tryouts

Part 1: We look back at the first of the failed applicants: Dragon of Mothers.

Part 2: Continuing our review of another failed applicant: Frogo Gabbins.

Part 3: We finally determine the new member of Acquisitions Inc.!

Podcast Series: Ark of the Mad Mage

Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade proudly present the latest installment of the Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons & Dragons saga! This rollicking series of podcasts chronicles the party's latest adventure, leading up to the Live D&D Game at PAX 2013. Join Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz, and new intern Patrick Rothfuss as they wreak havoc in the Forgotten Realms and, in true heroic fashion, leave a crater-sized impact on the world. Bring on the laughter and the tears!

Episode 1: You Been Choosed

The heroes of Acquisitions Incorporated have a new intern and find themselves in Waterdeep, where something big is about to go down.

Episode 5: Halaster Blackcloak

The heroes find a magic gem, a magic ring, and a magic lamp. It's a Magic Day in Undermountain!

Episode 2: Cleric Got Run Over

Omin has a near-death experience, prompting him to embrace a new god. Meanwhile, Undermountain beckons!

Episode 6: The Djinn's Reward

Starting with a coin tossed into the Devourer of Magic, the party moves on to carefully considered negotiations with the djinn who helped construct Halaster's ark.

Episode 3: Give Us a Hug!

The heroes navigate the puzzles and perils of Undermountain in their search for the lost ark of Halaster the Mad Mage.

Episode 7: An Ill-Advised Kiss

After the djinn's gift is chosen, the party moves on to find a conveniently waiting prisoner – and must deal with the consequences of a prematurely bestowed kiss.

Episode 4: Let's Not Point Fingers

The exploration of Undermountain takes a dark turn when Jim Darkmagic gives another wizard the bird.

Episode 8: The Dominated Intern

So far, the new intern has not quite worked out exactly as planned: there is a corporate system of reprimands for his behavior.

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Will you be making a podcast for the live game
Posted By: charger_2x (11/13/2013 5:48:36 PM)


When are we gonna get the podcast version of the latest PAX game?
Posted By: Goliath89 (9/15/2013 4:47:17 PM)


That introduction by "Bhaal" kind of gave away the big secret of the current DnD Encounters season.
Posted By: JoeyLast (9/15/2013 11:41:17 AM)


I hope the audio version of this excellent game will be available soon. I love to listen to them during my long commute.
Posted By: recktenbenwald (9/14/2013 11:28:01 PM)