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Storm Dragon (Paperback)
The Draconic Prophecies, Book I
James Wyatt

During the Last War, Gaven d'Lyrandar hunted powerful dragonshards in the world's most dangerous places. But on one mission the danger proved too great, and he found an ancient artifact whose power filled his mind with strange visions of impending doom.

Exiled from his House, spurned by his family, Gaven has spent years locked in the island prison of Dreadhold, the most impregnable fortress in all the world. He has whiled away the years on the verge of madness, his only companion a hated war criminal who seems all too interested in Gaven.

But when a bold prison break sets Gaven loose upon the world and in the company of a desperate band of outlaws, his strange dreams begin to make sense. The shards of vision begin to form a pattern, a fulfillment of the ancient Prophecy of the Dragons. As Gaven becomes both hunter and hunted, he must put the pieces together before it is too late, before the Storm Dragon awakens to shake the foundations of the world.

Item Details
Item Code: 217227400
Release Date: May 2008
Series: The Draconic Prophecies, Book 1
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Page Count: 352
Price: $6.99 C$8.99
ISBN: 978-0-7869-4854-3
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