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Walkthrough Map: Tomb of Horrors
Jason Thompson

The premium edition reprint of Dungeons of Dread has released! And in great celebration of the S series of adventures (not to mention today's holiday), we'd like to offer the following cartoon—considering the Tomb of Horrors!

As Lawrence Schick writes in his foreword: "S1 Tomb of Horrors is one of the most famous Advanced Dungeons & Dragons scenarios in the history of the game. It passed through several iterations, first appearing in Gary’s campaign as a dungeon designed to challenge his players’ high-level characters—and take them down a peg."

Tomb of Horrors

S omewhere under a lost and lonely hill of grim and foreboding aspect lies a labyrinthine crypt. It is filled with terrible traps and not a few strange and ferocious monsters to slay the unwary. It is filled with rich treasures both precious and magical, but in addition to the aforementioned guardians, there is said to be a demi-lich who still wards his final haunt. (Be warned that tales told have it that this being possesses powers which make him nearly undefeatable!)

Join the illusionist, magic-user, fighter, barbarian, paladin, thief-acrobat, cleric, other cleric and other thief—as they investigate the Wizard Acererak's Tomb!

Click the strip below, for a larger view.

Click ahead, for the White Plume Mountain map...

About the Artist

Jason Thompson (@khyungbird) is the creator of the graphic novel series King of RPGs ( with artist Victor Hao. He also writes about manga for Anime News Network and Otaku USA magazine, and draws comics based on H.P. Lovecraft stories at

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