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Sellsword, The
Tracy Hickman Presents The Anvil of Time, Volume I
Cam Banks

The Journeyman must use the ancient Anvil of Time to travel through history. He is told to observe, not to interfere, a task that is easier said than done . . .

The War of the Lance has ended, but the world of Krynn remains in peril. Even after the defeat of the Queen of Darkness, a disciple of Emperor Ariakas rules Nordmaar by sword and spell.

Enter Vanderjack, a mercenary with a dark past and a sword haunted by ghosts. The sellsword finds himself in Nordmaar, fighting for his freedom -- if he can settle old scores and escape acquiring new ones.

Item Details
Item Code: 215357400
Release Date: April 2008
Series: Tracy Hickman Presents The Anvil of Time, Volume I
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Audio Book
ISBN: 978-0-7869-4722-5
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Author Bios
Cam Banks

Cam Banks leads a quiet life with his beautiful wife, their two sons, and a suitably amiable cat. A managing editor for Margaret Weis Productions, he spends his free time interacting with the Dragonlance online community, writing fiction, and surviving parenthood.

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