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Elven Nations Omnibus
Elven Nations Trilogy
Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook, Douglas Niles

The classic story of Kith-Kanan and the Kinslayer Wars.


Firstborn begins the storied trilogy that details the schism among the Silvanesti elves. When Sithel dies, his twin sons come to a peace that seems easy at first, but they have very different visions of the future. Sithas, anointed king of the elves, wishes his people to withdraw from any contact with other races while Prince Kith-Kanan and his Wildrunners forge connections and trade with the humans of Ergoth. As the world watches, a new elven nation rises; very few ask how strong its foundations are.

The Kinslayer Wars

The second novel in the Elven Nations trilogy brings Kith-Kanan back from exile in the face of the threat of Ergoth's expansion. The human nation is no longer the ally of the elven nation, and the elves must unite to turn back the tide of conquest. But Kith-Kanan's exile has hardened the brothers' resolve, and the schism between the brothers threatens to tear the nation apart as they fail to find a way to come to terms.

The Qualinesti

The definitive saga of Krynn's elven history concludes as the Kinslayer war divides and devastates the elven race. For Kith-Kanan and his followers, the hope of the future lies in a new homeland: Qualinost. But within the new nation, corruption, treachery, and evil magic stir, threatening to undo all the great promise of the new nation.

Item Details
Item Code: 252027400
Release Date: January 2009
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $14.95 C$xxx
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5187-1
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