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Obsidian Ridge
The Citadels
Jess Lebow

Wizards and kings looking down on the land. Secret rooms full of treasure and traps. The wall that holds the line against the invading army. The Citadels series brings readers to another iconic D&D setting to explore!


A kingdom on the rise. A kingdom of opportunity. A kingdom in peril.

Erlkazar rose from the ruined duchies of Tethyr less than twenty years ago, by the will of a just and noble king. Since then it has been plagued by all manner of evil: vampires, goblin hordes, and now . . .


A brilliant wizard, Xeries is a product of his own ambition. Made twisted and necrotic by a spell gone hideously wrong, Xeries must search for a bride to maintain his immortality in his citadel made of a volcano ripped straight from the earth.Usually, they come to him willingly, lured by the promise of great power and everlasting life. What he forgets to mention though, is the everlasting pain he will put them through . . .


The king of the fledgling empire is well known for his battle prowess and his days leading the kingdom's Crusaders. Korox is doing all he can to hold his kingdom together. Between the death of his wife, a rising trade in the dangerous drug known as Elixir, and a merchant class close to rioting, the Warrior King already has his work cut out for him when Xeries comes calling in his floating citadel . . .


Princess of Erlkazar and integral to Korox's rule, Mariko runs the kingdom's spy network. A beautiful half-elf, it's both her father's bloodline and her mother's people's longevity that bring Xeries hunting for her. But Mariko is more than Xeries could have bargained for, especially when she has help from . . .


Feared by criminals, revered by the lawful, the Claw hunts in the night for any who would put the kingdom or its royal family in danger. With his specially designed gauntlets and his dark mask, he strikes fear into the hearts of drug peddlers and saboteurs alike. But can the Claw bring down a force as ancient and evil as the Obsidian Ridge?

He'll have to work twice as hard when his enemies discover the Claw isn't who he seems.

Item Details
Item Code: 216287400
Release Date: April 2008
Series: The Citadels
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $6.99 C$8.99
ISBN: 978-0-7869-4970-0
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