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Captive Flame, The
Brotherhood of the Griffon, Book I
Richard Lee Byers

Take flight with the Brotherhood of the Griffin – Richard Lee Byers’s most celebrated characters. The Captive Flame features the return of popular character Aoth and his mercenary band, the Brotherhood of the Griffin, introduced in Richard Lee Byers’s trilogy The Haunted Lands. Deluxe, trade paperback packaging and Byers’s signature twisted plots make this a must-have for all true Forgotten Realms fans.

Item Details
Item Code: 25153000
Release Date: May 2010
Series: Brotherhood of the Griffon, Book I
Format: Trade Paperback, Audio Book
Price: $14.95 C$18.95; $24.95 Audio
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5396-7
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Author Bios
Richard Lee Byers

Richard Lee Byers is the author of over thirty fantasy and horror novels, including several set in the Forgotten Realms world. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies.

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