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Amber and Ashes
The Dark Disciple, Volume I
Margaret Weis

The Wars of Souls has come to an end at last. Magic is back, and so are the gods. But the gods are vying for supremacy, and the war has caused widespread misery, uprooting entire nations and changing the balance of power on Ansalon.

The mysterious warrior-woman Mina, brooding on her failure and the loss of her goddess, makes a pact with evil in a seductive guise. As a strange vampiric cult spreads throughout the fragile world, unlikely heroes -- a wayward monk and a kender who can communicate with the dead -- join forces to try to uproot the cause of the growing evil.

Margaret Weis returns to the realm of Dragonlance with this first installment in a dark and exciting new trilogy.

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Item Details
Item Code: 967080000
Release Date: July 2005
Series: The Dark Disciple, Volume I
Format: Mass Market Paperback, eBook, Audio Book
Page Count: 352
ISBN: 0-7869-3742-4
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Author Bios
Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have been writing best-selling Dragonlance novels for over twenty years. As partners, they have written over thirty novels together, alone, and with different writing partners, they have written close to a hundred books, including novels, roleplaying games, collections of stories, and other game products.

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