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The D&D Character Builder makes building and leveling your characters easier then ever before. Just select your character's details -- such as race, class, feats, and powers -- and the D&D Character Builder does the rest. It autofills the sheet, then provides you with a Character Sheet and Power Cards ready for play.

Gain full access to the complete rules text for every race, class, paragon path, epic destiny, skill, feat, power, item, and ritual -- from every D&D 4th Edition rulebook and online magazine article. Not yet a D&DI subscriber? You can use the D&D Compendium to view a master index of D&D content. Try it now!

D&D Adventure Tools is a suite of tools designed to make adventure building easy and fun.The first tool in the suite, the D&D Monster Builder, lets you browse 3,700 official D&D monsters and customize them!

Dragon Magazine is the ultimate player resource. Each issue brings you new material and expanded content to help make your characters more fun and compelling, including new character options, new powers, new feats, new magic items, new paragon paths, epic destinies, and more.

Dungeon Magazine provides Dungeon Masters with new adventures, as well as insightful articles intended to provide DMs with new monsters and villains, world-building advice, and new plots for their own adventures. Dungeon is here to help make DMing easier and more fun.