Dragon Issue #416

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This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 416.

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Editorial: Misty Memories
By Stan!
This month we raise Ravenloft from the dead. Boys and ghouls, you’re in for a treat.
History Check: Strahd and Van Richten
By Sterling Hershey
Rudolph van Richten is the D&D game’s most esteemed vampire hunter, and though he has destroyed many creatures of the night, one legendary vampire has so far eluded him.
Character Themes: Twisted by Darkness
By Doug Hyatt
Your brutal deeds have caught the attention of the dark powers and turned you into a misshapen horror or a sword-wielding maniac haunted by past sins. Don’t worry — it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Life of Soth
By Claudio Pozas
How did the Knight of the Black Rose fall from grace, and what became of him after the Cataclysm? Brace yourself for a tale of love, honor, corruption, and terror from beyond the grave.
Bazaar of the Bizarre: In A Vampiric Vein
By Walter Kammerer
Vampire heroes need more than blood to survive. Here’s a small trove of magic items popular among children of the night.
Eye on Dark Sun: The Withering Ones
By Rodney Thompson
Kalak kept a horde of zombies hidden below Tyr, and now that the Sorcerer-King is dead, it remains to be seen whether these undead horrors suffused with defiling magic pose a threat to the city above.
Eye on Eberron: Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War
By Keith Baker
The mighty Rak Tulkhesh was destroyed long ago. However, some believe that his essence survives and grows stronger by feeding on violence. In these grim times, it won’t be long before the Rage of War is reborn.
Eye on the Realms: The Awakener of Golems
By Ed Greenwood
A mysterious figure has the power to bring inert golems to life temporarily, but to what end?
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