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Editorial: The Food Issue
By Steve Winter
Apparently, no one around here likes food.
History Check: Dark Arrow Keep
By R. A. Salvatore and Bryan Salvatore
Dark Arrow Keep is a forbidding sight for those whose travels bring them to the land of the Many-Arrows tribe.
Winning Races: Half-Orcs of the Many-Arrows Tribe
By Shawn Merwin
No group benefited more from the peace between orcs and dwarves than the half-orcs from the Kingdom of Many-Arrows.
The 5×5 Method
By Dave Chalker
The 5×5 method creates a vibrant network for linked adventures with minimal prep.
Unearthed Arcana: Snips of Scales and Dragon Tails
By Alana Joli Abbott and Robert J. Schwalb
A dragon’s corpse provides many rewards for adventurers.
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dine on the Wild Side
By Peter Schaefer
In all the distant and mystical places that exist across the realms, people eat the most amazing things.
Villainous Variety
By Steve Winter
Need a villain with a new twist? Draw some inspiration here.
Alsimur Droon
By Ed Greenwood
One of the most daring traders in Faerûn is the smiling half-orc Alsimur Droon.
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This month -- apparently, no one around here likes food.
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