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Editorial: Time Tinkerer
By Greg Bilsland
Time really does go by when you’re having fun—especially when it’s playing D&D.
Shake Your World
By Steve Townshend
When the world becomes predictable, it’s time to shake things up.
Unearthed Arcana: Time Travel
By Robert J. Schwalb
Time travelers move through time’s river, forward or backward, like fish in a stream.
Ghost of the Past
By Robert van Wijk/Robert J. Schwalb
You were born in an age of empires and magnificence. How did you wind up here?
It’s About Time
By Peter Schaefer
Magicians have always tinkered with time. A few of their trials were bound to work.
River Rats
By Jeff Morgenroth
A river rat survives on dockside scraps but thrives on risk and daring.
Harpers Of Waterdeep
By Erin M. Evans
The reformed Harpers of Waterdeep bring the skills of spies to the cause of right.
Ecology of the Kruthik
By Tim Eagon
Turathi beastmasters bred these horrors for war, then lost control of their creations.
The Three-Headed Helm
By Ed Greenwood
The hard part was controlling their new creations.
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Issue #430
Time really does go by when you’re having fun—especially when it’s playing D&D.
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