Dungeon Issue #169
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By Robert J. Schwalb
Legends of the Serpent Wood speak of an ancient group of primitive humans who dedicated themselves to the dark god Zehir. Several of the temples they raised still stand in the wild lands, and one such place has become home to new dangers. This Side Trek makes for an excellent respite between adventures or can be used as a springboard for a larger adventure series against the forces of Zehir. A Side Trek for 11th-level PCs.
By Bruce R. Cordell
Stormcrow Company—an unsavory band of adventurers—haven't been seen or heard from in years. Rumors of their accumulated wealth have spread far and wide, and if they have truly been slain, that treasure is just waiting for adventurers to come and collect it. But is anything ever as easy as it seems? An adventure for 4th-level PCs.
By Tim Eagon
A desert oasis once revered by a group of avian-friendly druids holds a secret well of power. Now, a power-mad sorcerer seeks to tap the essence of the oasis for her own abuses. The PCs must act quickly to secure the oasis from this villain and her band of eladrin bandits. An adventure for 7th-level PCs.
By Daniel Marthaler
A troll who styles himself king has acquired an artifact that allows him to capture the souls of his defeated foes. Do your PCs dare brave his lair to defeat him and retrieve this foul device? A Dungeon Delve adventure for 11th-level PCs.
By James Wyatt
The depraved villain of James Wyatt's Draconic Prophecy series of Eberron novels is brought to life for use in your D&D campaign.
By Chris Youngs
Chris tackles the wonder and aggravation of iPhone usage at the game table.
By Mike Mearls
Mike continues to educate on the nature of skill challenges, with unique applications and examples.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
A DM's best friend? Stephen Radney-MacFarland, back with advice about getting the most from gaming conventions.
By James Wyatt
James discusses the latest changes to his fledgling campaign.
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