Dungeon Issue #183
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By Steve Winter
It seems that a lot of people want to write adventures for Dungeon Magazine. Here's what we're looking for.
Adventures often grow best if their seeds are planted well before harvest time. Here are the seeds for October's adventures.
By Bruce R. Cordell
The raider lord Yarnath prowls the wastelands in his crawling, undead citadel called Slither. Now he possesses a tiny fragment of an artifact with which he intends to unleash a godslayer. An adventure for characters of levels 5-7.
By Daniel Marthaler
The Temple of the Radiant Morn opened its doors near the Chaos Scar to spread its message of comfort and salvation. Now the congregation whispers of lost treasure and forgotten lore. An adventure for characters of levels 6-8.
By Bruce R. Cordell
Gauntlgrym is an ancient dwarven city sealed away from the world so completely that for generations, even its location was forgotten. Then dwarves returned from the mountains claiming to have found Gauntlgrym and describing its wonders ... until they were murdered.
By Steve Townshend
Fear is the scarecrow’s purpose and its grimmest weapon. Fear binds it together and draws it like a hunger. Those who gaze into a scarecrow's formless, canvas face see fear and death smoldering like corpse candles in the scarecrow’s sackcloth eyes.
By Rodney Thompson
Magma elementals arise where the warped and defiled landscape of Athas is subjected to intense heat and seismic force. They appear as shifting masses of superheated rock and chunks of stone.
By Ed Greenwood
Mysterious, magic rings have been found in scattered locales. Sages understand what the rings do, but not why. All of them are mystically linked together and, it seems, bound to some other, unidentifiable entity.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you want to become a better DM in general or you need help now, "Save My Game" is the place to be.
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