Dungeon Issue #192
By John Rossomangno
The curse of Cihuatlco has claimed another victim, and the jungle natives are up in arms. The only hope for peace lies in the heart of the haunted city, which is overrun with apes and ruled by their mysterious queen. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 5–7.
By Daniel Marthaler
Before abandoning the mortal world, the undisputed master of shadow magic left a bit of himself behind. This D&D adventure for characters of levels 3–5 can be played as a sequel to D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard or run as a stand-alone experience.
By Andrew G. Schneider
Centuries ago, a comet fell from the sky and carved a nasty scar across the face of the Nentir Vale. It also ruined the life of a promising young man. Now, four hundred years later, he’s decided enough is enough. A D&D Chaos Scar adventure for characters of levels 5–7.
By Mike Shea
The Chained God unleashes more of his horrific “children” upon unsuspecting worlds. This article presents new abyssal plague demons to accompany those appearing in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Eventually, every DM needs some advice. This month we delve deep into the mail bag to answer a number of questions from DMs.
By Eric Menge
It is said that people don’t live in Daggerdale—they survive it. Welcome to a rural haven where tranquility and terror walk hand-in-hand.
By Ed Greenwood
It’s called a jaod, and there’s no identity crisis it can’t solve.
By Rodney Thompson
How can something so beautiful cause so much destruction and mayhem?
By Keith Baker
Follow the slimy trail of a spoiled daelkyr who wants to turn Khorvaire into his mad playground.
By Logan Bonner
In this new article series, we’ll be revisiting monsters from the 4th Edition Monster Manual and updating them. They’ll get new lore entries and the Monster Manual 3 treatment, with new statistics block formats and attack and damage numbers.
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