Dungeon Issue #205
By Logan Bonner
The ghost of a slain tiefling criminal haunts the town of Raske, threatening vengeance against his slayers. Can you banish this infernal soul to the Nine Hells where it belongs? A D&D adventure for characters of levels 4–6.
By Christopher Perkins
The halflings are unhappy with their neighbor, Smiley Bob. Time to show the old bear who’s boss. A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.
By Doug Hyatt
A wizard holds the key to great power, but only a sphinx knows what the key unlocks. An aerial D&D adventure for characters of levels 21–23.
By Karl Resch
What’s that? Your +6 holy avenger has been stolen, you say? What a tragedy! You didn’t perchance run afoul of a small gnome, or maybe glimpse a fox skulking about?
By Brian R. James & Todd Stewart
Throughout Sigil and the planes, she’s known as the King of the Cross-Trade. See how a preening arcanaloth decides who lives, who dies, who suffers, and who thrives in the Cage.
By Matthew Sernett
Ever wonder what volumes the well-read wizard or has on all those bookcases lining the walls of his sanctum sanctorum? A guide to putting content in all those nameless tomes.
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