Dungeon Issue #214

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By Christopher Perkins
This month, we get to explore one of the first D&D dungeons ever created and experience it in a whole new light.
No Rest for the Wicked
By Robert J. Schwalb
The archmage Addiv Ragemry built his dungeon to save lives, but something’s gone horribly awry. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 7–9 featuring the classic dungeon from the Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game.
Dark Lantern
By Craig Campbell
An agent of the King’s Dark Lanterns has stolen a cache of gold from the Brelish exchequer. Hunt him down, retrieve the gold, and thwart whatever else the rogue agent is plotting. A D&D Eberron adventure for characters of levels 6–8.
The Elder Elemental Eye
By Peter Sleijpen and Chris Sims
As the village of Easting weathers an outbreak of the abyssal plague, you must track down the mad villains responsible for spreading it. Only then will you discover there’s more going on than meets the eye. This D&D adventure for characters of levels 1–3 was originally created for the D&D Encounters in-store play program.
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