Dungeon Issue #218

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Legacy of Ghere Thau
By David Noonan
Evil forces under a cambion’s command have conquered the fortress of Ghere Thau. Taking it back will be no simple matter. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 8–10.
Dead Haven
By Jeffrey Ludwig
A terrible curse has befallen the villagers of Arnesbloom, yet life goes on . . . more or less. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 4–6.
The Dawn of Night
By Shawn Merwin
As Lolth conspires to take Mystra’s place as the god of magic, a band of drow adventurers do their small part to ensure their place in the new world order. This D&D adventure comes with six pregenerated 1st-level drow characters.

Pre-Generated Characters
(4.4 Mbs PDF)
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