Live Coverage of 2004 Canada National Championship

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Welcome to the 2004 Canadian National Championships! The Great White North's best and brightest have assembled in Toronto, Ontario for twelve rounds of top-notch competition. The prize (in addition to a giant novelty check) is nothing less than the chance to represent Canada at Worlds this year in San Fransisco.

At first glance the field reveals a heavy bias towards control, specifically blue-white. Add to that some Green-White Slide and Obliterate and you can expect every round of constructed play to go past time. After three rounds of players playing Kick the Affinity Deck, they'll have to switch gears and demonstrate their prowess at Mirrodin-Darksteel-Fifth Dawn draft. The final set is still fairly new, so anyone who's put in their time testing limited will have a leg up on the field.

Be sure to check back and watch the action unfold!

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