Live Coverage of 2004 Canada National Championship

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The first day of Canadian Nationals is behind us an one player stands atop the heap with a perfect record. Kaixin Wang is a mystery man who has swooped in form nowhere to lead a pack of more well-known names. We do know that he played Tooth and Nail in the Constructed portion and was the beneficiary of a fourth pick Troll Ascetic (much to the dismay of Mark Zajdner). Mike Thicke, Richard Hoaen, Murray Evans, and Jason Howden are some of the more familiar names bunched up in the 5-1 section of the standings.

The top tables could look completely different this time tomorrow. With six more rounds to go, the reality is that anyone with a 3-3 record today could run table tomorrow and be virtually assured of a Top 8 berth. The roster of the down-but-not-out includes Mark Zajdner, Jurgen Hahn, Jeff Cunningham, Geordie Tait, Gab Tsang, and Boyd Hardie. The day kicks off with three more rounds of draft and then finishes off with constructed.

Stay tuned for all the action as well as the winning decklist from the Block Constructed trial and some funny stories from the tournament floor.

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