Live Coverage of 2004 Canada National Championship

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Twelve rounds down and just three more to go to determine the Canadian National Champion.

The early favorite is Mike Thicke. The Brainburst community editor took only one loss on the weekend and it was in the Limited format. He swept through the first three rounds of play yesterday with his Obliterate deck and after going 5-1 in Limited managed the one win he needed to double draw into the Top 8.

Sacha Bakht finished in second with Affinity. He went 4-2 in Limited and ran the much-maligned artifact deck to a 5-1 record in Constructed. Mike Viner overcame a double-mulligan on the play in Game 3 of his round eleven match and then still had to play in his final round when he was paired down. He is sure to be feeling confident in his blue-white control deck after those crucial matches.

Jason Howden (Proteus Control), Murray Evans (Affinity), Jingpeng Zhang (Obliterate), and David Rood (Affinity) were all able to double draw into their Top 8 spots with eight wins and two losses. There was only one player with an 8-3-1 record and Felix Tse snuck into the final berth for Sunday with his unusual approach to Tooth and Nail that features such cards Vernal Bloom and Explosive Vegetation.

So there you have it. Three Affinity decks, two blue-white control, a pair of Obliterates, and a Tooth and Nail deck and eight nervous players play testing tomorrow's match-ups well into the night. Tune in tomorrow and see how it all shakes out.

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