Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

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The letter B!oth of these players were on 25 points facing the simple math that if they won they were in, but anything less would certainly knock them out. With everyone above them on 27 or more points intentionally drawing, this was the only match playing where both people could make it in. They were both playing affinity.

Game 1

Steven had to mulligan yet again in feature matches, his opening draw was five lands and two Cranial Plating. He had to keep an awful six-carder rather than go to five again. Veron started with a Disciple of the Vault, and Steven played a Cranial Plating with the aid of a Chrome Mox. Mathias' second turn was a Cranial Plating and an Ornithopter. Gouin played an Arcbound Ravager and a Frogmite.

Oddly, Veron did not equip his Ornithopter with the Plating, instead he cast Thoughcast, Worker and another Disciple. Steven equipped his Nexus and swung for 5, Mathias did the same with his Ornithopter making the lifetotals Steven 12 - Mathias 14. Gouin just attacked with his Ravager and Frogmite on his next turn. Mathias blocked the Ravager and Steven sacrificed that and the Plating to make the Frogmite 4/4. This put Mathias to ten and Gouin went allin with a pair of Shrapnel Blasts. Veron let the first resolve and mana-leaked the second. His attack back would be way more than lethal so Gouin scooped.

Mathias Veron 1 - Steven Gouin 0

Game 2

For the fourth game in succession Steven had to mulligan a totally unplayable opener. He had another fantastically bad six card hand, with two Furnace Dragons and no red mana. He started with a turn 2 Worker and Frogmite - the Worker having been drawn that turn, Veron had a Ravager and Ornithopter on his second turn, and another Ravager and a Frogmite on his third.

Gouin played an Ornithopter and said go. Veron dropped a Cranial Plating, two Myr Enforcers and attacked. He forgot to activate his Blinkmoth Nexus before declaring his attack, but it wasn't overly relevant. Gouin chumped one of the Ravagers to stay alive for a turn, but couldn't do anything useful since he was a long way short of casting a Furnace Dragon. Mathias attacked with everything and Steven chumped with all of his remaining creatures, untapped and conceded.

Mathias Veron 2 - Steven Gouin 1

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