Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

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The letter T!his match between two of France's top players will not only determine who moves to 4-1 but also help decide who's the best player in their apartment - they are flatmates !

Game 1

Jose had a turn three Chittering Rats which attacked into Antoine's Fleshgrafter. Antoine discarded a card to keep it around, attacked himself and made a Scavenging Scarab. Jose summoned an Anodet Lurker and decided to block the Fleshgrafter with it. Antoine had another artifact to discard maintaining his creature advantage. Jose finally removed the Grafter with a Barbed Lightning and then dropped a Sawtooth Thresher. When the Thresher and Scarab traded there were no creatures in play.

Jose burned to four as he had drawn a Pulse of the Forge, then Pulsed twice to bring Antoine to six. Antoine played a Skyreach Manta, and Jose burned down to one. Antoine of course also floated a mana and burned to five so that Jose wouldn't get the Pulse of the Forge back. Barbero didn't draw anything to deal with the Manta and had to concede.

Antoine Ruel 1 - Jose Barbero 0

Game 2

Antoine had to take a mulligan but both players had slow draws. The first threat was a Wirefly Hive from Jose, which could produce fairly threatening tokens as he also had a Cranial Plating. Antoine had just a Fleshgrafter. Jose lost the first flip but won the second, making a 6/2 Wirefly.

It attacked once before Antoine Domineered it. Jose 'lost' the next flip which killed off the treacherous fly. Ruel dropped a Quicksilver Behemoth putting some pressure on Jose. Jose won the third flip in Antoine's endstep and had another 6/2 flyer. He opted to hold back to block the Behemoth rather than swing. After attacking, Antoine cast a Promise of Power to make a 3/3 flyer.

At this point the lives were Jose 10 and Antoine 14. Jose made an Anodet Lurker which Ruel Echoing Ruined and won another flip. He once again elected to take the damage dropping to eight. His swing back with the equipped Wirefly levelled the scores, but he had no other plays. Antoine attacked and pumped his Fleshgrafter. Jose had to win the flip to be able to block with a Wirefly. Unfortunately he lost both the flip and the match.

Antoine Ruel 2 - Jose Barbero 0

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