Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

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The letter B!oth of these PT Stars were undefeated going into today's final round. The second draft is held today at the end of the round, but round seven is tomorrow. Most of France's top players are either undefeated or have one loss, so the top few pods look like they'll be tough.

Game 1

Nim Abomination

Franck made a third turn Nim Abomination and Farid answered with Thunderstaff. Canu fetched a Viridian Longbow with a Trinket Mage, then played a Myr Enforcer. Meraghni had a Leonin Battlemage and a Skyreach Manta. Franck lapsed into thought on his next turn and decided to attack with everything, signalling that he had some sort of trick. Meraghni double-blocked the Nim Abomination, and Canu dropped a Baton of Courage to keep his Nim alive before casting an Advanced Hoverguard, giving him a great board position.

Farid levelled things somewhat with a Fireball taking out both the Hoverguard and the Trinket Mage. Canu's next attack dropped him to five. He cast a Myr and equipped it, Farid Essence Drained it to go back to eight. This was only enough to keep him alive for one further turn, as all he held in hand was land.

Franck Canu 1 - Farid Meraghni 0

Game 2

Farid mulliganned a one-lander and ended up with pretty much the same six-card hand. He chose to keep the second time. He missed his third land drop but found one the next turn. Meanwhile Canu had accelerated out an Arcbound Hybrid then a Dross Crocodiole with a Leaden Myr. Farid left his mana open so Franck. just attacked with the Hybrid, fearing a Raise the Alarm. After combat he played a Myr Enforcer and a Quicksilver Behemoth and Farid removed the Crocodile with a Barbed Lightning.

Farid drew nothing he could cast with his three land and had to pass the turn. Franch attacked and added a Suntouched Myr (2/2) to his team. Farid's Thunderstaff wasn't nearly enough to hold off this squad and he disgruntledly swept up his cards.

Franck Canu 2 - Farid Meraghni 0

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