Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

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The letter B!oth of these players were 6-0 coming into the second day of competition, along with Alexandre Peset. Olivier was unhappy with his deck as he showed it to me before the match, " My neighbour was white-red too ". There is indeed a lot of filler in there, but he has a Warhammer and a Beacon of Destruction as stand-out cards. Franck's deck is a fairly solid black-white affair.

Game 1


Olivier drew only red lands making his first play a turn 4 Vulshok Berserker which didn't even get to swing as Franck had a Fleshgrafter. Franck attacked with the Fleshgrafter and cast Devour in Shadow on the Berserker. He followed with a Titanium Golem which was destroyed by Beacon of Destruction. Olivier still only had Mountains in play. Franck dropped a third swamp and played Greater Harvester. Since he had exactly zero castable spells in hand at this point, Ruel just scooped on the spot.

Franck Canu 1 - Olivier Ruel 0

Game 2

Olivier had lands of both colors in his opening hand this game, and Canu had to take a mulligan. Ruel played a third turn Thermal Navigator and followed with his Loxodon Warhammer. Canu's black-white deck had nothing to deal with the equipment, but he blocked the Navigator with a Nim Shambler and regenerated it with his Arcbound Worker. Olivier had a good hand of land, Myr Incubator, and Beacon of Destruction, so Franck's Fill with Fright was very timely. Of course Olivier kept the Incubator and ripped a land on his next draw phase to cast it. Canu did nothing and Olivier made eleven 1/1s. As far as I couold remember Franck's deck was drawing dead against multiple creatures, no Wail of the Nim or Echoing Decay.

He stayed alive for a couple of turns by trading with his Nim Shambler and casting a few Pulses of the Fields, but didn't draw any of his zero outs and it was on to the deciding game.

Franck Canu 1 - Olivier Ruel 1

Game 3

Once again Franck went down to six cards. He had a turn four Razor Golem and Olivier accelerated out a Loxodon Mystic with Gold Myr and Talisman of Unity. Franck arrested the Mystic and attacked before playing a Cackling Imp. Ruel made a five mana Oxidda Golem and two Arcbound Stingers. Canu played a Whispersilk Cloak and attacked Olivier down to nine with the Razor Golem. Ruel had a Beacon of Destruction in hand but only one Mountain in play.

Cackling Imp

He played a Whispersilk Cloak of his own, put it on the Golem and put a Horned Helm on one of the Stingers and attacked. Canu didnt want to trade Cackling Imp for Stinger so he took the hit down to 11. He used the Imp and just attacked with the Razor Golem again knocking Olivier to 5. Ruel thought for a while after drawing his card, Thermal Navigator, but he there wasn't any way he could do near 11 damage. He made a random alpha strike nonetheless and conceded after it only knocked Franck to 5.

Franck Canu 2 - Olivier Ruel 1

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