Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

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The letter B!oth of these competitors are playing Red, but their decks qre very different. Nassif has a very heavy land-destruction deck, and Peset is playing Goblins with both Biddings and Read the Runes (not to forget the key one Echoing Truth). At this point every deck left in the tournament was base-red, with only a few splash cards stopping the color's total domination.

Game 1

Stone Rain

Peset had to send back a land-light opening hand, but kept his six-card hand. He opened with a Bloodstained Mire and a Polluted Delta, neatly avoiding Nassif's land destruction. His third turn gave him a Goblin Warchief. Gabriel had a Bolt in hand but decided not to cast it as he also had Pyroclasm and wanted to gain some further advantage. He Stone Rained one of Peset's Mountains. Alexandre played a second Warchief and knocked Gab to 14 before they both fell to the Pyroclasm.

Peset could only muster a Goblin Sharpshooter. Gabriel activated his Stalking Stones, attacked with it and then laid a morphed Blastminer. On Gab's next turn Peset cast a Read the Runes for 3, which gave him the Bidding he needed. He cleverly chose Goblins, Gab went for the more questionable 'Donkeys'. Peset attacked with three Warchiefs, and a Skirk Prospector. Nassif took it and went down to six. He unmorphed his Blastminer and destroyed the City before casting a second Pyroclasm. Alexandre forgot his Goblins would lose haste with no Warchiefs in play and sacced all three rather than the Prospector as his last Goblin. The burn made the lifetotals Nassif 4 - Peset 8.

Alex untapped and drew an Incinerator, Nassif went one better and drew an Arc Slogger. Alexandre didn't draw anything to remove it and took four hits to the face from the Slogger's ability.

Gabriel Nassif 1 - Alexandre Peset 0

Game 2

Peset started with a Sledder, and Molten Rained one of Nassif's Mountains. Nassif Pyroclasmed away the Sledder and Peset destroyed another land. He got to five mana and played a Siege-Gang Commander. Gabriel just blew up a Swamp with a Stone Rain. Peset attacked for five and Gab Molten Rained his City of Brass, in response Peset cast Read the Runes for 4, and ended the game with a Warchief and a Piledriver.

Gabriel Nassif 1 - Alexandre Peset 1

Game 3

After an interminable think, Peset shipped back his seven cards. His six card hand was just five lands and a Piledriver, but he kept it. He played the Piledrvier on turn 2 and Nassif made a Culling Scales. Peset dropped a Warchief and attacked, Nassif Bolted it. In his upkeep the Scales cleared Peset's side of the table and Nassif made an Arc-Slogger.

Peset plays a Piledriver which Nassif Pyroclasms. His attack drops Peset to ten, and he taps all but his Polluted Delta and City of Brass. Gab thinks for a while and uses the Arc Slogger twice in Peset's end step dropping him to six, then untaps and cast another Pyroclasm to guarantee a win (he would be able to double shoot Peset if Alexandre had a Genpalm Incinerator because Peset would take two damage from his lands). Peset didn't have anything and the match was Nassif's.

Gabriel Nassif 2 - Alexandre Peset 1

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