Day One: Introduction

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The letter W!elcome to Grand Prix Bimingham!

After being held in London for the last couple of years the Grand Prix has moved back to Birmingham in the heart of England. While not matching the record-breaking turnout of Madrid last month the tournament still boasts a healthy 579 competitors, with a strong turnout from the host nation. The tournament is being held in the cavernous interior of the Pavilion at the Birmingham NEC.

Traditionally the UK has struggled to match the successes of some of the other powerhouse nations of Magic like France or Germany so it will be interesting to see if weight of numbers can prevail against the Budde's and the Nassif's.

The format is Mirrodin-Darksteel sealed deck for today, switching to Mirrodin-Mirrodin-Darksteel booster draft for tomorrow. Those with no byes will be hoping to break something busty like a good old fashioned Elephant with a hammer. Those with byes will be hoping not to meet them.

Follow the coverage here.

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