Day 1 Introduction

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Welcome to Grand Prix Bochum! Bochum marks the first major team tournament of the season and it is appropriate that the tournament is held in Germany, a stronghold of this format. A regular team league runs in Germany and as an incentive the tournament registration fee for all teams in this league was paid by league organisers Amigo Spiel. With just over 200 teams registered to play you can expect the competition to be fierce.

Big favourites will obviously be Phoenix Foundation. Budde, Baberowski and Blume have a fantastic record at team events and will be the team to watch.

Today the teams of three players will play 8 rounds of sealed deck with the top 20 teams at the end of the day returning to draft tomorrow. A team has 2 Mirrodin starters and 4 Darksteel Boosters with which to construct three decks. It will be interesting to see what patterns emerge with regard to colour combination and deck archetypes.

Keep tuned here to follow the action!

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