Day 1 Wrap-Up

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Day one of Grand Prix Bochum is over!

After 8 rounds of Team Sealed Deck 213 teams has been whittled down to just 20. After a mediocre performance in the team Grand Prix Amsterdam last year the Dutch went on the warpath today. In the last round the Schietkoe team of former World Champion Tom van de Logt and Jesse and Stijn Cornelissen were victorious over fellow Dutchmen (Bram Snapvengers, Ruud Waarmenhoeven and Didier Deurloo) to leave themselves clear at the top of the rankings with an 8-0 record. Just below them is the German team The Unusual Suspects with 7-0-1.

While most of the famous teams successfully navigated the Sealed rounds there were some casualties. Most notable of all is the loss of favorites Phoenix Foundation. At one point the super team was cruising on 5-0 but then a series of mana problems threw a hefty spanner in the works. Three losses to round out the day left Kai and company in the unusual position of being only spectators for the draft tomorrow.

Tomorrow players will play 4 rounds of team draft with the top 4 going on to fight it out for the title. What strategies will players adapt with this new block? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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