Day 2 Introduction

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Welcome to day two of Grand Prix Bochum!

After 8 rounds of Sealed Deck play 213 teams have been whittled down to just 20. They return today to play 4 rounds of Team Rochester draft to decide which 4 teams will get to duke it out for the title.

Currently leading the pack is Dutch team Schietkoe, composed of former World Champion Tom van de Logt and two of the Cornelissen brothers, Jesse and Stijn. It was a good day for the Dutch with four other teams fighting it out today.

Weight of numbers held out and the majority of the teams playing today are from the host nation. Doing the best out of them and currently in second place is The Unusual Suspects combo of former European Champion David Brucker, Reinhard Blech and Dirk Hein.

The biggest shock of all is that Phoenix Foundation will not be drafting today. Some poor draws with their second sealed deck left the German team out in the cold. Kai will be a bystander today while Gabriel Nassif, playing as part of Les plus Nas and currently lying in 5th place, will get the opportunity to widen the gap in the Pro player of the year race.

Team draft is always interesting with a new set as players try out different strategies. Follow the coverage today as we try to learn which colour combinations are favoured in which seats and how the players adapt to try and gain the edge in the matchups.

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