Deck Tech: Deck Color Breakdown

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The letter W!ith a new set it's always interesting to see which strategies players use, especially in the team format. Here is the breakdown of what color combinations proved popular.

Many thanks to the judging staff for gathering this information during the deck check.


Gilded Lotus

Mono Black: 35
Mono Blue: 23
Mono Green: 4
Mono Red: 10
Mono White: 19

Black/Blue: 89
Black/Green: 60
Black/Red: 35
Black/White: 26
Blue/Green: 12
Blue/Red: 52
Blue/White: 35
Green/Red: 103
Green/White: 25
Red/White: 106

Other: 5


Mono Black: 14
Mono Blue: 14
Mono Green: 6
Mono Red: 8
Mono White: 15

Black/Blue: 68
Black/Green: 36
Black/Red: 40
Black/White: 23
Blue/Green: 15
Blue/Red: 36
Blue/White: 22
Green/Red: 64
Green/White: 27
Red/White: 71

Other: 5

From this it can be seen that teams liked to pair red with either green or white with the often affinity abusing blue-black as the third most common color combination.

Tomorrow will provide more interesting as players form strategies over which color combination should be drafted in which seat.

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