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Sideboard staff combed the deck lists of the 4 team drafts taken today in an attempt to determine what strategies the Pro's hit on to gain an edge in this format. The high amount of artefacts has an effect in that the number of three colour or mono-colour decks is more than expected. Virtually mono-colour decks splashing cards from different colours like both a Shatter and Terror were quite frequent.

Seat A     Seat B     Seat C  
Color Decks   Color Decks   Color Decks
W 5   B 2   B 2
U 1   G 1   G 1
B/U 10   W 3   B/U 7
B/G 6   B/U 20   B/R 8
B/R 9   B/G 7   B/W 1
B/W 3   B/R 4   U/R 7
U/R 8   B/W 2   U/W 2
U/W 7   U/G 1   G/R 19
G/R 8   U/R 1   G/W 1
G/W 7   U/W 3   R/W 22
R/W 8   G/R 5   B/U/R 6
B/G/R 1   G/W 11   B/G/R 2
B/R/W 2   R/W 6   . .
U/G/R 1   B/R/U 6   . .
. .   B/U/W 2   . .
. .   B/G/R 2   . .
. .   G/R/W 2   . .

While Seat A seemed highly variable there was a definite tendency amongst players to put the U/B affinity deck in the middle seat and run either R/W or G/R in seat C. Seat C is usually used to cut off colours going to the other team. The Pro's I talked to seemed to be divided over how important picking a colour combination for a seat is. The thinking for red, white or green in Seat C is that while these colours are not as deep in Darksteel the good cards are much better. It makes sense to cut off the one good red card in the pack as the good black cards are so numerous they'll probably come back.

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