Day 1 Wrap-Up

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Day one of Grand Prix Brussels is over!

The results are not quite as expected. Topping the rankings is an amateur from Germany, Tristan Gally, running the Elf and Nail deck. Also with an 8-0 deck is another amateur from Germany, Johannes Mitsios. His deck is a completely unexpected blue-white control deck featuring 4 Pristine Angel. You might laugh but it obviously worked. The other two decks are Goblin decks run by an unknown Greek player, Vasilis Fatouros and another German player, Wenzel Krautman. Hovering at 5th is the first real recognisable name, Olivier Ruel, also with an unconventional deck as he chose to run black-green Cemetery.

With 734 players and only 8 rounds the last round saw the majority of the players with 6-1 records taking the safe option and drawing in. Tune in tomorrow as the mayhem continues. Can Mitsios continue to buck the trend and stay at the top with his Pristine Angel special?

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