Deck Tech: Day 1 Deck Breakdown

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Deck Type Quantity
Ravager-Affinity 192
Other-Affinity 6
Goblins 110
Goblin Bidding 47
Elf and Nail 88
Tooth and Nail 37
Beasts 51
Red Deck 44
March of the Machines 22
Blue-White Control 21
Mono-White Control 19
Green-Black Cemetery 18
Red-White Slide 12
Green-White Control 10
Mono-Black Clerics 6
White weenie 5
Elves 4
Mind's Desire 3
Rogue 26

There aren't really many surprises here. As would be expected Ravager-Affinity is the most popular archetype. There were a few minor variants running the Steelshaper Brain Freeze combo but the majority were running Disciples of the Vault and sending artefacts to the head for 5 damage with Shrapnel Blast. The new tech was the addition of Somber Hoverguards to fight the Elf and Nail decks.

Goblins was the second most popular choice. While some still splash black for the Bidding the majority now are straight red or splashing green to try and fight the bad Affinity matchup with Oxidise or Naturalize.

Elf and Nail has received a lot of coverage recently and proved to be a popular choice. With all kinds of wackiness with Wirewood Symbiotes and the big-kid factor of fetching some truly massive monsters out of the library it's a fun deck and most importantly has a lot of game versus Affinity even if Goblins is still a nightmare matchup. The Italian approach was to splash red for Pyroclasm. Straight Tooth and Nail is still kicking around as well, relying on the Urzatron or Cloudpost to generate the massive amount of mana required.

After that the decks start to tail off. A motley assortment of red decks is kicking around relying on land kill or straight burn to the head. The beast deck has also seen an upswing of popularity with both game against Goblins and Affinity although it suffers from being an "answer" deck in a format that asks a lot of questions and doesn't leave much time for responses.

Inevitably there are still those players who stubbornly insist on playing control and a variety of white-x archetypes can be found. Perhaps the most interesting is the March of the Machines/Mycosynth Lattice archetype that permanently wipes out an opponent's lands while beating them to death with indestructible Darksteel Ingots. If one of those decks does well then we might actually see a deck in the top 8 that doesn't run 4 copies of Skullclamp.

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