Day One Introduction

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The letter G!rand Prix Hong Kong is underway. Exactly 250 players arrived at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center on Saturday hoping for a Sealed Deck that would grant them passage to the Top 64 draft tomorrow. More than half the field came from outside of Hong Kong to attend this event!

Last weekend was Pro Tour Kobe and many of the Pros made the trip from Japan to Hong Kong. They came from all over the world from America to Sweden to Japan. A quick glance around the room turned up Ben Stark, Gabe Walls, Antonino DeRosa, Anton Jonsson, Jens Thoren, Tsuyoshi Fujita, Osamu Fujita, Jin Okamoto, and the Ruel brothers. Expect the feature matches to get pretty interesting around the fourth round!

With so much international star power will any of the lesser known local players be able to pull off the upset on their home turf? Can Anton Jonsson and Ben Stark follow up their recent Pro Tour Top 8 finishes with a strong weekend here? How will this event affect the Pro Player of the year race and the attendant payout come year's end? Stay tuned all weekend and we will find out.

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