Day Two Introduction

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The letter L!et's draft! was the rallying cry here at Grand Prix Hong Kong.

The professional players were happy to have the Sealed Deck portion of the weekend behind them and draft packs in front of them as they sat down at the start of Day Two. Almost all of the name pros in attendance had advanced to Day Two. Most of them seemed to be bunched up at draft table four. Seven of the players there had Pro Tour Top 8 on their resume and two of those players had multiple Sunday performances--Anton Jonsson and Jens Thoren.

Most of the Pros came from Japan, America, France, and Sweden. Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia my have been lacking the star power of the former group but the latter countries fared very well yesterday. Can those relatively unknown players outshine the stars here today? If so, will they be on their way to putting Top 8 on their resume for the first time?

We'll be bringing you all the action as we winnow sixty-four players down to a final eight and one final draft table which will determine the Grand Prix Hong Kong Champion.

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