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The letter N!o card in Darksteel seems to spark more controversy than the innocuous Darksteel Pendant. It is equally loved an reviled by different segments of the professional Magic community. While not as heated as the Tooth/Scale imbroglio from Amsterdam, the arguments for and against can get pretty intense.

Okay. Not so intense but it's a card that the pros can't seem to get a handle on and we asked several of them for their opinions on the card…Darksteel Pendant or no?

Sam Gomersal: "I saw plenty of people playing it this weekend. I still would not play it. I don't like it. Maybe if it cost one I would play it in affinity but the two mana takes up a whole important turn. I guess I would play it over a seventeenth land if I had no other alternative. I am definitely not a fan."

Antoine Ruel: "That is the big question. I think it is a twenty-third or twenty-fourth card. I think it is really good but I never play it. If I can play a creature over it I always play the creature but I think that is a mistake. I don't know why I can't bring myself to play it."

Anton Jonsson: "No! I have never played with it. If you have a really good deck you don't play with it. If you do play it in a good deck then all your cards are good except for the Pendant. I shouldn't say that though since I have not played with it."

Jens Thoren: "No. I think I would rather land number eighteen."

Ben Stark: "I guess it is a reasonable one casting cost artifact for an Affinity deck-- It costs two? No, never--never. Remember Bamboozle? It is like Bamboozle only much, much worse. I know Antonio likes it but he also like Goblin Striker. Plus I saw Darwin laying them in the PTQ in Kobe…"

Olivier Ruel: "In some decks… I should have played it in my last draft. It is good in decks with a lot of removal where your hand is always empty. It can also be good in affinity but otherwise you have better things to do with your mana every turn."

Antonino DeRosa: "In multiples! If it is out for two or three turns you make back the card disadvantage of casting it with the quality of spells you draw. If he game goes long…you win. It is the poor man's Serum Tank."

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