Round 10 Feature Match:

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The letter J!in Okamoto is known as the Last Emperor. The Japanese player was the last winner of the now defunct APAC championships. When they canceled that tournament he was given his royal nickname. Jin has kept a low profile since his finals appearance at Worlds at the end of last season and was hoping to nab a Top 8 this weekend.

Albertus Law made the Top 8 at Pro Tour Barcelona. When asked about it the Singapore player rolled his eyes, "It was a long time ago…Invasion block booster draft." Albertus was coming off of a money finish in Kobe where he piloted a Big Red deck. He and Nick Wong were responsible for introducing the deck to the YMG team the day before the Pro Tour and it resulted in a money finish for Jordan Berkowitz as well.

Game 1

Law's opening hand had plenty of good cards but no creatures. He kept it as did Jin. Albertus had a turn two Lightning Greaves and a pair of artifact lands. Jin had three plains and a Emissary of Hope which looked pretty impressive in the face of three artifacts from Law. Albertus played a Drill Skimmer and moved the Greaves onto his flier but did not attack--Jin would gain more back than he would lose on the attack.

The Japanese player cast Leonin Elder and put out a Whispersilk Cloak. Law played another artifact land and passed the turn. Jin sensed a trick and only attacked with the Elder. After the attack he cast Leonin Abunas and Law responded by removing the Cloak from the game with Altar's Light. Jin smiled.

Law summoned Cobalt Golem and followed it with a pair of Myr Enforcers. Jin gained three life but he was no longer smiling. Law moved his greaves over to an Enforcer since his Skimmer was now untargetable. Jin was stuck on four Plains and gained another point of life when he cast Vulshok Battlegear. His life ticked up another point when Law laid down an Icy Manipulator.

The Japanese player put out a Copper Myr and Bonesplitter. He equipped Abunas and Law tapped it EOT. Law cast Skyhunter Cub and put the Greaves on it. He sent everyone into battle except for the Drill Skimmer. Jin had no blocks and took thirteen--he only fell to sixteen but he could not sustain such blows for long.

Jin summoned a Cub of his own and declared an attack step. Law tapped the Abunas and the Elder snuck over for a point of damage. Jin moved the Battlegear onto his Emissary. Law examined his plans for a counterattack. He could not let the Emissary get in because it would allow Jin to gain nine life. The Singapore player tapped the white flier and sent everyone in and left the Drill Skimmer back for chump duty. Jin had no blocks and dipped to three. Law slumped. No blocks from Jin had to signal Blinding Beam.

He moved the Splitter over to his Cub and sent everyone across. Law chumped the Emissary and took nine. No one was shocked when Jin cast Blinding Beam to keep Law's men locked down for another turn. Law tapped the Emissary but Jin had enough to finish him off.

Law - 0 Okamoto - 1

Game 2

Albertus mulliganed but kept his next hand. He led off with a Citadel and a Lifespark Spellbomb. He had a turn two Lightning Greaves but his only creature--an Arcbound Bruiser--was turns away. Possibly even more when Jin played an Auriok Transfixer. Jin's third turn resulted in Emissary of Hope but Law had Psychic Overload in hand and enchanted the flier with it.

Jin reread the enchantment and shrugged. He cast an Arcbound Hybrid and got in for two. Law played a Talisman and Myr Enforcer on the next turn and got in for four of his own. Jin cracked back for three and tapped out for Skyhunter Cub and Vulshok Gauntlets.

Law played the Bruiser and moved his Greaves doing seven points to the Last Emperor. He moved the Greaves back to his Enforcer after combat. Jin slapped the Gauntlets on his Cub and came over for eight. He had left his Hybrid back and moved the Gauntlets to his untapped guy in the second main phase.

Law's Neurok Familiar flipped a Plains into the bin. He moved the Greaves over to the flier and passed the turn. Jin had a Whispersilk Cloak and he put it on his Hybrid for an unblockable six points of damage with Law on five and the match.

After the match, Law explained that he took a gamble in Game 1 when he attacked with everyone. "I could smell the Blinding Beam but if I drew a creature or a blue source I don't die on his next attack." Psychic Overload had been sitting in his hand off the draw in Game 1 waiting for a blue mana that never came.

Final result: Jin Okamoto - 2 Albertus Law - 0

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