Round 11 Feature Match:

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The letter A!fter countless feature match photos where Ben Stark appeared stoic he attempted to change up his image this round, "I tried to think of something funny so I would smile in the picture."

Anton laughed and suggested "You should think of Gabe Walls."

"That's what I did… the other night in the room he lifted up his shirt and jiggled the bare belly. That's what I thought of. Nothing is funnier than that."

Both players had base green decks. Anton was green-red and he had plenty of removal. His deck's best card was an Arc-Slogger. Ben was also green with three Fangren Hunters, a pair of Tangle Golems, and no acceleration save a lone Talisman. Anton had only a Viridian Joiner to speed up his fatties but he had plenty of cheap plays and removal to buy some time.

Game 1

Anton led off the action with a Tel-Jilad Chosen. Ben had a Talisman. Anton added a Krark-Can Grunt and a Tel-Jilad Exile before Ben finally played a five mana Spire Golem. "I get the best draws in feature matches," laughed Stark.

Anton shot down the flier with a Viridian Shaman and swung with the team. Ben drew and played a Fangren Hunter. It stood in the way of the Grunt and Anton had no effects. He added a Tel-Jilad Archers and Ben looked at the top of his deck and scooped.

He reached for his sideboard with a shake of the head, "Time to board the Nourish back in…"

Anton brightened, "Oh yeah I get to sideboard. Thanks for reminding me."

Ben raised an eyebrow. He didn't believe that Anton needed reminding, "I'm sure you are familiar with the concept of sideboarding, Anton!"

Anton shrugged, "I never remember to do it."

Ben laughed, "Ladies and gentlemen…Friday Night Magic Player Anton Jonsson!"

Jonsson - 1 Stark - 0

Game 2

Ben had a turn two Sun Droplet but no land on the next turn. Anton had led off with a Mirrodin's Core and had a turn two Longbow. He also missed land number three. Ben found land number three and played a Tel-Jilad Wolf. Anton found a land as well and cast Viridian Joiner, "My myr."

Ben had a fourth Forest and affinitied out a Tangle Golem, "Hello please Uktabi me."

Anton had the Deconstruct instead and cast a Tel-Jilad Outrider. He promptly traded it for the Wolf and said, "Ooops, you have more of those when Ben played another Tangle Golem.

Anton made a Fangren Hunter and traded that for the Golem. Ben followed with his own Fangren Hunter. Anton played Oxidda Golem and equipped his elf with the Longbow. Ben shrugged and summed a second Hunter. Anton went to shoot the American but Ben just gained the life back with the Sun Droplet. "Oh yeah."

Ben passed the turn and Anton used Barbed Lightning and the Longbow to take down one of the beasts. Anton cast Banshee's Blade and sent in an equipped Oxidda Golem. Ben blocked, stacked damage and Regressed his Hunter. Anton played a Cathodion.

Ben had no play and Anton was dubious, "Are you holding Spider?"

"There may be a spider in your future."

Ben flashed out the Spider and attacked with it on his turn. Anton double blocked but Stark had the Predator's Strike. Anton got in with his Cathodion but Ben stopped any Cathodion threat with his Fangren Hunter and a Tel-Jilad Chosen. As he gained back his lost life with the Sun Droplet he played a Tel-Jilad Outrider. He was able to swarm Anton over the next two turns.

Jonsson - 1 Stark - 1

Game 3

The two players compared notes on their decks. Anton sighed, "My deck has Frogmite…"

"I have a Frogmite but it is in my sideboard."

The Swede recalled his previous match, "I cast it for four mana against Jens last round."

Ben was eager to get past the match, "I can't wait to not be playing with this deck. My deck is actually not that bad…it is just too green."

Anton "led off" the action with a Cathodion. Ben had no play and Anton hit for three and added a War Wagon . Ben played his fourth Forest and cast Tangle Golem. "Please don't have artifact destruction--somehow."

Anton cackled, "Heh heh heh. Sorry, it also gives me the green I need for Fangren Hunter. Ben had another Tangle Golem. Anton decided to untap his War Wagon and sent everyone in. Ben blocked the Cathodion and Anton used the Cathodion mana to Barbed Lightning Ben and his Golem with entwine. Stark fell to one. His next card was not helpful and they began to unsleeve their decks and prepare for a non-green draft.

Final result: Anton Jonsson - 2 Ben Stark - 1

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