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The letter W!ith Olivier Ruel already secure in his spot in the finals there was the potential for a rematch between France and Japan in the finals of the Grand Prix. Ruel would be looking to avenge the loss of his countryman Gabriel Nassif last weekend in Kobe's finals.

Chuen Hwa Tan had other plans. He had all the black cards that were missing from Gabe Walls' Top 8 deck. He even had the Blinding Beam that Walls' values so dearly.

Game 1

Tan led off but had no plays while Oiso played a Darksteel Pendant and a Nim Replica on the first three turns. Tan played a Grimclaw Bats on the third turn and sent it back to Oiso with one mana up. The two creatures traded in combat. Tan played Leonin Abunas.

Oiso liked a Wall of Blood that he peeked at on upkeep and played it that turn. Oiso kept an Elf Replica on the next turn and when Tan attacked into the Wall he paid five life to kill it. Razor Barrier was a five point Fireball that turn for Tan. Oiso played a Copper Myr and passed the turn. His opponent cast Pewter Golem but did not attack with his Abunas this time.

Oiso played Mind's Eye and drew a card on Tan's draw step. Tan sent both his creatures into battle and Oiso chose to block the Pewter Golem with the Wall. Oiso paid three to keep his Wall alive. Tan killed the Copper Myr with his meager Irradiate for one. He also summoned an Auriok Transfixer. Oiso decided to draw a Steel Wall and played a Spire Golem.

Although he drew a card on Tan's turn his opponent had Blinding Beam and came in for six points of damage. Oiso was at four. He played his Steel Wall and a Clockwork Condor while he waited for his men to be able to untap. Tan had all the answers and cast Consume Spirit for four and was able to attack for the final point by tapping the Condor.

Tan - 1 Oiso - 0

Game 2

The reed thin Oiso chose to play first and kept his opening seven as did Tan. Tan played Grimclaw Bats on turn two and Oiso had only a Scimitar for the third turn. Tan swung in for two and played an Arcbound Stinger. Oiso had to pass the turn again on turn four and Tan took him down to twelve on the next attack--Tan fell to fifteen in the process.

Oiso had a Somber Hoverguard but chose not to block when the Bats attacked. He paid two life and dropped Oiso to nine. He went to thirteen and fell to ten when he played a post attack Nim Abomination.

Oiso copied the Arcbound Stinger with a Sculpting Steel and attacked with his Scimitar wielding Hoverguard. Tan chumped with his Stinger. On his own turn he attacked and tapped down the blocker with an entwined Blinding Beam.

With his creatures locked down there was nothing the Japanese player could do. There would not be a Japan vs. France rematch in the finals.

Final result: Chuen Hwa Tan - 2 Masashi Oiso - 0

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