Info: Day One Introduction

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Welcome to New Jersey, home of the largest Grand Prix in North American history!

958 Magic players have packed themselves into the Rexplex, hailed as "New Jersey's largest sports and entertainment complex", for the first day of competition. Today players will battle it out through nine rounds of swiss in order to determine who will play tomorrow, and who will simply be a tourist.

Some of Magic's biggest names are here and hungry for victory. Pro players Kai Budde, Gabriel Nassif, Osyp Lebedowicz, Dutch National Champion Jeroen Remie, and U.S. National Champion Craig Krempels are just a few of the competitors imagining themselves holding that big fat check.

Not only is our Blog feature back and better than ever, but popular Magic columnist Brian David-Marshall is unveiling a new feature - the Player Diary - that gives you an inside look at the experience of playing in a Magic tournament.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend as we bring you all the highs and the lows of this enormous event and all the action live from the tournament floor!

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