Info: Day One Wrap-Up

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Four undefeated players after day 1. Four undefeated decks after day 1. The 958 contestants that started the day are now 128, and sitting at the peak of the mountain is none other than former U.S. National champion and New Jersey native, Eugene Harvey. Eugene piloted the standard Vial Affinity deck to an unblemished record on the day.

Directly behind him is John Pelcak, a Minnesota pro playing G/R Freshmaker. Following the two Americans are two Canadians, both of whom would have been considered huge surprises to be sitting at the top of the standings before Day 1. Paul Russell (who earned his first final day appearance at his first Pro Tour last month with his team Pocket Rockets) ran the table with a mono-Red deck packing maindeck Electrostatic Bolts and Detonates, while countryman Josh Rider played his completely rogue U/R control deck to a stellar 8-0-1 record on the day.

Join us bright and early tomorrow morning as we give you more match coverage, a metagame breakdown, decklists, and more from the largest Grand Prix in North American history!

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