Day Two Introduction

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The letter W!e've returned to the Aztec Museum for the second day of competition. Today will feature two booster drafts and six rounds, before cutting to the Top 8 and a final draft. After yesterday's sealed rounds, the two undefeated players were amateur Hiroto Yasutomi, and veteran player Masatake Shimada. As an amateur, Yasutomi is in a position to absolutely clean up, as he can take a good chunk of both the amateur bonus and the main tournament prize. It's not going to be easy field though, as Katsuhiro Mori, Jin Okamoto and "The World's Best Player" Go Anan are all near the top of the standings. The foreign contingent has proven to be successful as well. Sam Gomersall, Antoine Ruel and Olivier Ruel have all been on a Magic world tour the past month, going to Pro Tour Kobe and Grand Prix Hong Kong before coming to Sendai. Gomersall was the most successful of the group yesterday, playing his way to sixth place. The Ruel brothers are further down the standings, but they do have the opportunity to make Top 8 with a good day of drafting. Stay with our live coverage all day to find out who comes out on top.
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