Day 2 Introduction

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The Great One is back! Former Grand Prix, Pro Tour, and World Champion Bob Maher sits atop the heap at 6-0, a full two games better than any other competitor! The suave Midwesterner ran the table in Pack Draft with his triple-Invasion double-Seventh beat down deck, then surprised everyone by going 3-0 in the Auction of the People with the much-maligned Heather Hudson deck, due in no small part to the "junk rare" AEther Rift.

Trying desperately to keep pace with Bob are the worldly bunch of Zvi Mowshowitz (USA), Carlos Romao (Brazil), Mattias Jorstedt (Sweden), and Jin Okamoto (Japan), all tied for second place at 4-2.

And what of the past winners? Jens "Solemn Simulacrum" is puttering along at 3-3. But the big shocker is at the very bottom of the standings… both Jon "Shadowmage Infiltrator" Finkel and Kai "Voidmage Prodigy" Budde are a pathetic1-5! Are they not the two best players to ever summon a monster? Not today they weren't! Pride is certainly at stake as these two once-proud warriors slap-fight one another to stay out of the basement for the rest of the week.

Coming tomorrow: Eighth Edition Rochester Draft (Oooooh!), Mirrodin Block Constructed (Ahhh!), and a look at the potential prize cards submitted by the twisted minds of the Invitationalists! Be there, good fellows, and revel!

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