Feature: Auction of the People Wrap-Up

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"That Aether Rift is a beating. I had no idea." So said Zvi Mowshowitz as Bob Maher used the ill-perceived Invasion rare to drop creature after creature onto the table in Round 6 today. Zvi looked like he had it all going too: Grave Pact, Spawning Pit, Gravedigger… Bob shouldn't have had a chance, right? But Aether Rift was there for him.

Maher, piloting the Heather Hudson-themed "Aetheral Emergence" deck, went 3-0 in the Auction of the People format to shore up an impressive perfect record on day 1. Also going 3-0 in this wacky format was Japan's Jin Okamoto with the Scott Fisher deck "Weird Wizards." The funny part is that Jin thought he was bidding on the Alan Pollack deck ("Swing While You're Winning"). Most of the pros agreed that Jin actually got a better deck than what he thought, and the 3-0 record certainly proved that to be true.

Each deck in this portion of the event was built by a reader of MagicTheGathering.com and chosen by members of Magic R&D. You can view all the decklists here.

Player Artist Bid (Cards-Life) Record
Bob Maher Heather Hudson 7-17 3-0
Jin Okamoto Scott M. Fischer 6-20 3-0
Justin Gary John Avon 6-16 2-1
Osyp Lebedowicz Andrew Goldhawk 7-16 2-1
Masashiro Ooiso rk post 6-10 2-1
Carlos Romao Thoman M. Baxa 6-12 2-1
Jens Thoren Greg Staples 6-12 2-1
Gary Wise Mark Zug 7-20 2-1
Dirk Baberowski Alan Pollack 5-20 1-2
Jon Finkel Kev Walker 6-14 1-2
Nicolai Herzog Pete Venters 5-17 1-2
Mattias Jorstedt Christopher Moeller 6-12 1-2
Brian Kibler Arnie Swekel 6-11 1-2
Zvi Mowshowitz Anthony Szczudlo 6-13 1-2
Jordan Berkowitz Dave Dorman 6-15 0-3
Kai Budde Glen Angus 7-20 0-3

Of note:

Neither player (Herzog and Baberowski) that bid down to five cards won more than one match.

Wise and Budde were the last two players to choose decks, and Budde chose first. Obviously he chose wrong, as Wise went 2-1 and he went 0-3 (both with the full boat of life and cards).

Berkowitz bid aggressively for the Dorman deck, claiming it was the "last good deck left." Every time I walked past him, he had a grip full of Book Burnings and was getting beaten down. Bad luck, or bad bidding?

The most-wanted deck--the rk post monstrosity with 4 Morphlings along with Teferi's Moats and Worships--lived up to the hype, giving Oosio a 2-1. Not bad for having only half the normal life total.

The big loser was Ron Spencer… the goofy "Confusion in the Ron-ks" deck was not selected by a competitor to be played.

To see the action yourself, log onto Magic Online. Replays of all the wacky games played today are there for your perusal!

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