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Congratulations to the 16 invitees to the 9th annual Magic Invitational!

Set to run May 17-20 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, the Magic Invitational will award not one but two original cards to be created by the competitors. Thanks to the more than 15,000 votes cast in the expanded balloting.

Due to conflicts with school, Masashi Oiso is unable to attend. Replacing him in the field will be Masashiro Kuroda, the second-place finisher from the APAC balloting.

Bob Maher
2004 Invitational Winner

Gabriel Nassif
2004 Player of the Year

Julien Nuijten
2004 World Champion

Kai Budde

Carlos Romão
Latin America

Osyp Lebedowicz
North America

Masashiro Kuroda

Pierre Canali
Rising Star

Tsuyoshi Fujita
Resident Genius

Olivier Ruel
Road Warrior

Eugene Harvey
Judges Pick

Sam Gomersall
Players Pick

Jeroen Remie
Writers Pick

Antoine Ruel
Fan Favorite

Tim Aten
Fan Favorite

Terry Soh
R&D pick

Finally, the Auction of the People decks have been selected and made public. For more Invitational information, read Mark Rosewater's feature. And then get ready for the third week of May, when all the talking stops and these 16 masters of Magic get down to business -- with immortality on the line.

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